Offer Updation

Last Updated On January 21, 2019
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Once you have created the offer in Vaultpro, tool used for affiliate marketing measurement, you can easily make changes to it using the offer updation panel.

After successfully creating your offer, you can find the offer in the offer dashboard.


Offer Details
Go to offers–>select the offer–>offer details

Details: Has all the offer details that were set at the time of offer creation.

  • Create Similar: Creates a similar offer with the same details.

  • Edit: Lets the user edit the selected offer and update the same.

    • Update: After the changes are made click the update button to update the offer.


Targeting: Update and the edit the targeting set for your offer while creating the same.

  • Update: click update to update the edited targeting.


Update tracking and PostBack URLs:

  • Secure Tracking Link: Enforce SSL by generating affiliate tracking links and impression pixels with https instead of http.

  • Redirect offer: Current offer is redirected to this offer if paused, passed expiration date or conversion cap is exceeded.

  • Click session lifetime: Time to keep the click session active for this offer minimum 1day and maximum 180days.


Settings: Lets you edit and update status, currency, goals etc.


VaultPro - White Label Affiliate Tracking tool


Affiliate Marketing Measurement


Once you have edited all the details click the update button in every panel to successfully set your updated offer.