Offer Allocation

Last Updated On January 22, 2019
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The offer allocation feature lets the user assign offers to different affiliates, decide the privacy of the offer and dynamically take update actions.


How to navigate to offer allocation?
Vaultpro makes allocating offers and working with affiliates smooth and seamless. Once you have created the offer, you’ll be able to find it in the aggregated list of offers. Go to the sidebar menu and select allocations. Upon the opening of a new window, select allocate on the top left of the dashboard.

How to manage allocations in Affiliate Marketing Tool

Central Allocation panel to manage all your allocations



Select the affiliates you want to allocate your offer to:

Affiliate tracking steps

Select affiliates for offer allocation


Compare and define offer level and allocation level offer goals

Affiliate Measurement steps

Compare allocation vs offer level caps



Which one is better VaultPro or Hasoffers

Define offer status



Select the account manager, enable/Disable deep link and allocate your offer

Offer Allocation - VaultPro

Enable/Disable deep linking