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Offer Allocation & Updation

Offer Allocation

The Offer Allocation feature lets the user assign offers to different affiliates, decide the privacy of the offer and dynamically take update actions.

How to navigate to offer allocation?

VaultPro makes allocating offers and working with affiliates smooth and seamless. Once you have created the offer, you’ll be able to find it in the aggregated list of offers. Go to the sidebar menu and select ‘Allocations’. Upon the opening of a new window, select ‘Allocate’ on the top left of the dashboard.

Allocate an Existing Offer

Click on the ‘Allocate’ Button & Navigate to Offer Allocation Page Select the affiliates you want to allocate your offer to:

Click on the dropdown menu to select affiliate.

After selecting the Affiliate you will have to select an offer . Which needs to be allocated to this Affiliate

Click on the dropdown menu to select offer.

Compare and define offer level and allocation level offer details

Compare allocation vs offer level caps & Finalize Accordingly

Allocation level cost update

Allocation level Cost update

Select the account manager responsible for handling this Affiliate, Enable/Disable deep link and curl function and allocate your offer

Status Defines the Tracking URL Status

Approving /Rejecting Allocation Request

Please note that for all public offers, affiliates can directly apply for this offer from their affiliate panel.

All the pending requests for Approval are shown in Allocation Request Tab.

Click on the “Allocation Request” to view and approve / reject request.
Allocation Request screen

From here Admin can simply go and either Allocate or Reject these requests.

Allocation Update

Vaultpro SaaS performance marketing tool gives you easy and navigable options to dynamically update the offers after allocating them.

How to navigate to offer allocation update?

Just go to your sidebar menu select the ‘Allocation’ section. Select the offer that you want to update and then select the “update” button on the far right of the selected offer

SaaS performance marketing tool
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Update and manage conversion caps on offer and allocation level

Leading SaaS performance marketing tool

Allocation level cost update

Top SaaS performance marketing tool

Once changes made, you can simply click on ‘Update’ button to save all the changes

Updated on April 25, 2019

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