So you have set up your affiliate network and have the required tools and technology in place. The next step is to onboard affiliates to your network. Having a friendly and seamless initiation experience for affiliates ensures that your relationship starts on the right note. This is one of the most important steps in the affiliate network business but sadly, it is also usually the most neglected.

Here are some simple ways to initiate affiliates to your network.


Start by creating a simple manual

Give your affiliate a simple yet detailed synopsis of your affiliate marketing network where you highlight the crucial information like the commission structure, modes of payouts, tools used to track the activities, the quality checks used, fraud controls established, etc. This will give them an overview of how you operate the business.


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Extend a few training sessions to get them going 

It’s important for you to train your affiliates and to make them aware of what they are getting into and how can they do it easily. For that, you can opt for a decent training portal where they can sign up for training material and tip sheets. You can also include low tech activities like passing spreadsheets if they have limited access.

Also consider conducting regular webinars and training sessions to guide them on the latest marketing concepts, methods they can choose and the usage of the tracking platform. This enables your affiliate to perform well as well as establish you as a thought leader in the industry.


Help them set achievable goals

For your affiliates it’s important to know that how can they work in sync with your network to get maximum rewards by promoting your products and offers. You can help them set actionable and achievable goals which will encourage them to rely on your affiliate marketing network.


Ensure dedicated Help and support

The relationship that you develop with you affiliates relies a lot on the support that you provide when they need it the most. Dedicated account managers or a 24×7 online chat window for help and support will build your rapport with the affiliate and thus will initiate them to stay a part of your affiliate network. It will also ensure seamless integration.


Develop extensive FAQs lists

Keeping in mind the support questions, compile and create an extensive list of FAQs. This should act as a go-to guide for all the affiliates in the network and will boost their confidence in you. This will also help you attract new affiliates.


Apart from these 5 crucial ways of getting affiliates initiated to join your affiliate program, there are other actionable ways too to attract affiliates. They can be anything from displaying few success stories to keeping the navigation quite simple and user-friendly on your landing page. You should also ensure to make payouts quickly and periodically.  A late payment really acts as a buzzkill and affiliates will be tempted to move on from your network at the first opportunity.

Spending a few minutes a day on your social media pages and answering the queries and acknowledging fans can also help you create a buzz and making customer-to-affiliate conversions. In the same line, you can also leverage live events and conferences and can attract and initiate the affiliates to join your network program.

Affiliates joining you can be from any walk of life. The bottom-line is to provide a simple and manageable platform that they can rely on for maximizing their rewards while providing help and support that ensures the success of the program.

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