At the advertiser’s end, affiliate marketing comprises a bit of work and that actually makes affiliate marketing a better prospect for the brands to invest in and a growing opportunity for the affiliates associated. To run an affiliate program successfully, it is highly recommended to stay updated with the best practices used, to get most out of the affiliate marketing plan and the affiliates connected with your program.

We have brought to you the best practices of the trade to follow. Here they are-


Research & Planning

It is crucial to perform a comprehensive business analysis while setting realistic targets. Plan out not only for the business but also for the affiliates because the key is to keep them engaged and excited. This can be achieved through attractive contests and incentive plans for the publishers. Try to encourage creativity and let your publishers come up with new ways to exhibit your products online. Content is, what rules this trade solely. Make sure you have content creation and placement strategies in place for better & fast conversions.


Transparency and Responsiveness

Another practice that makes a difference is to maintain transparency in your affiliate program’s terms and conditions, right from the get-go. It helps to retain clarity that the advertiser, as well as the affiliate, expect in the trade. At the same time stay responsive to your affiliates’ queries. Some affiliates even run their own promotions and might expect the advertiser’s participation. Being receptive to your affiliates will reap long term benefits for your business. Also, always choose quality over quantity while recruiting the affiliates.


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Get your business tech-ready

Technology is everywhere. You cannot hope to scale your business without proper platforms in place. Ensure that the software that you opt for is scalable, flexible and reliable. Real-time campaign management and optimization, freedom to set up budget caps and conversion caps and detailed reporting are few features you can look for while choosing the affiliate marketing software. It should offer you the freedom to customize your campaigns as per today’s affiliate marketing needs. Also, the tool must have advanced fraud controls to detect fraud in real time and prevent it. Beware of the pricing structure that some affiliate tracking platforms offer. They may have hidden charges for clicks or impressions that can really drive up your costs and eat into your profits.


Refresh your Ads and Gauge performance consistently

Another best practice in the world of affiliate marketing that has been trending and is going to stay is, refreshing your ads. Provide your publishers with a range of ads to pick from like banner ads, product feeds and text ads. With the right affiliate marketing tracking software, keep a consistent eye on the performances of your affiliates and stay updated while tracking the activity closely.


Reward & recognition for productive publishers 

The more you motivate your publishers, the more conversions they will make for you. Hence, identifying and rewarding lucrative publishers through exclusive coupons and contests every now and then is a practice you should follow. They are all, already receiving good and steady traffic on their websites. So, you can consider making them the offers that they might feel good about and get involved in. These special promotions will keep them excited and pumped up to make more conversions and look forward to such rewards and recognition. Also, keep your payment terms publisher- friendly. Publishers are most attracted to faster and convenient payment options and timelines. This will make them choose your offers over other networks.


These are simple and actionable practices that should be followed by an affiliate marketing business in order to stand out from the crowd and to be on the right side of its affiliates. Simply follow these best practices for building a successful affiliate marketing business.

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